Journal Sponsorship


Established in 1977 by Miguel Sánchez-Mazas, the Centro de Análisis, Lógica e Informática Jurídica (CALIJ) is a charity with the mission of promoting logic, legal informatics and philosophy of science. In partnership with the University of the Basque Country, CALIJ publishes the journal THEORIA. The governing board of CALIJ nominates the editors and associate editors of THEORIA, every three and six years respectively. It also appoints the members of the advisory board.

Governing board: President: María Luisa Cutanda | Secretary: Andoni Ibarra (UPV/EHU) | Members:  Cristina Corredor (U. Valladolid), Antonio Dieguez (UMA), Valeriano Iranzo (U. Valencia).

UPV/EHU - University of the Basque Country