ETA buruan duten enuntziatu parentetikoak Koldo Mitxelenaren prosan



Argitaratua 2015-02-26
Agurtzane Azpeitia Eizagirre


This paper is part of a broader research project. Precisely, it is based on a section of the doctoral thesis entitled: Discursive Strategies in the Basque Prose of Koldo Mitxelena: A Study of Parenthetical Statements (Azpeitia 2010). The article analyses interpolative statements that start with the conjunction eta; a syntactic construction that is recurrent in Mitxelena's prose. As for the syntactic function fulfilled by the coordinating connector eta in the case of the Basque linguist's discourse, textual scrutiny has proven that its syntactic role is not precisely the one provided in traditional grammar references. The article will attempt to analyze whether the conjunction provides a syntactic link with the main clause and will likewise try to illustrate the connector's contribution to the overall discourse. Finally, data as regards the compulsory or non-compulsory nature of this connector will be provided.

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Azpeitia Eizagirre, A. (2015). ETA buruan duten enuntziatu parentetikoak Koldo Mitxelenaren prosan. Gogoa, 11(2).
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