Sentimenduen analisia euskaraz



Argitaratua 2016-02-17
Jon Alkorta Koldo Gojenola Mikel Iruskieta


Nowadays, opinion texts play an important role, in fact, people read opinions before they do an activity, buy a product or take a decision. However, the amount of opinion text is increasing rapidly and reading all opinions about a subject is unfeasible. 'Sentiment analysis' is a part of Natural Language Processing whose aim is to process opinion texts. This work is a part of 'sentiment analysis' and presents a first approximation to the assignment of polarity to texts written in Basque. Rhetorical Structure Theory has been used to assign different weights to text spans and an analysis has been performed at the lexical level. This method has been compared with other approaches and the results are promising.

Nola aipatu

Alkorta, J., Gojenola, K., & Iruskieta, M. (2016). Sentimenduen analisia euskaraz. Gogoa, 14.
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