Energetikaren historia, oinarriak eta ondorioak zibilizazioentzat



Argitaratua 2016-02-17
Alain Ulazia Manterola


Energetics is strengthening as a complex system analysis which embraces physics, biology, ecology, sociology and economy. Considering energy as an universal principle and a wherever-present being that is able to support many transformations, it is a really significant invariant in any kind of process due to its conservation law. In this article, firstly we narrate the history of energy through its unification phases. Starting with the philosophical concept of Aristotle, we will explain how mechanical work and heat, feed and metabolism, and even mater were added to the unifying concept, and how it was related with entropy or the order/disorder of a system. At the end we will introduce these energetic ideas in the analysis of our oil-based over-energized society, in order to deconstruct the myth that relates welfare with the maximization of energy consumption and to emphasize that there are more suitable energetical indexes.

Nola aipatu

Ulazia Manterola, A. (2016). Energetikaren historia, oinarriak eta ondorioak zibilizazioentzat. Gogoa, 14. https://doi.org/10.1387/gogoa.15644
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