Gainbegiratua Aristotelesen "Erretorika"ri



Argitaratua 2011-11-08
Elena Redondo Moyano


The 20th century rediscovered the social and pragmatic aspects of ancient rhetoric. A pioneer of this approach was Aristotle with his Rhetoric. The present study offers a synthesis of Aristotle´s vision on the art of speaking, presenting it within its cultural context and emphasizing the essential elements that make it useful nowadays. After a brief introduction to Greek rhetoric and to AristotleÕs life and work (¤ 1), I make a commented description of three books of his Rhetoric (¤ 2) and finish pointing out what I take to be its most important features (¤ 3).

Nola aipatu

Redondo Moyano, E. (2011). Gainbegiratua Aristotelesen "Erretorika"ri. Gogoa, 5(2).
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