The Basque case. A comprehensive model for sustainable human development



Publicado 28-01-2015
Juan José Ibarretxe Markuartu


This issue of the International Studies Collection presents evidence of a successful model for sustainable human development within the context of multinational societies. A Basque model that demonstrates that self-government -that is, the capacity of political, economic and social self-regulation- can be a synonymous for sustainable development. The Basque case can be considered as an example to those who seek innovative solutions to the complex challenges of the 21st century. According to Dr. Ibarretxe, the model presented is not one of hypothetical conjectures, but an example that draws upon thirty years of experience. This work aims to analyze the initiatives and policies that enabled a progressive transformation of the Basque Country over these three decades, with a particular focus on the period 1998-2008.
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