PLATFORM COOPS NOW!: A team entrepreneurship capacity building program to create platform coops



Publicado 15-12-2021
Liher Pillado Arbide Ander Etxeberria Aranburu Giovanni Tokarski


Traditional labour relationships have been disrupted due to the digital platforms based businesses. This article aims on the one hand to share the consequences the sharing economy has generated for workers, and how MONDRAGON’s principles as one of the best examples of worker owned business group in the world, can be applied within the new digital era. On the other hand, this paper provides a literature review on how digital platforms can operate with fairer principles based on the framework that platform coops consist of.  Last but not least, Mondragon University and The New School have set up a capacity building program on team entrepreneurship and an online incubation program that aims to support the creation of platform coops, whose results after two editions and future opportunities for research are shared.

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