Crime prevention in the banking sector: The role of supervisory channels



Published 19-04-2022
Vien The Giang


Banking operations are business activities, which are directly related to the achievement of macroeconomic objectives, including the objectives of ensuring the stability of the value of money, controlling inflation and ensuring the safety of banking operations and the system of credit institutions. For the safe and sustainable development of banking operations, risks that threaten the safety of banking operations need to be detected and prevented in a timely manner. Credit institutions in the concept of banking crime are both tools and targets of attacks by criminals, so they can be involved in many different crimes. Criminal acts arising in banking operations may be committed by people of a credit institution or may be outsiders, and it is also not uncommon for cases of collusion between bank employees and outside criminals. In order to effectively or  event crimes arising in banking activities, it is necessary to coordinate between the internal prevention institutions of the credit institutions and strong involvement from the investigating agencies as well as from the competent authority to supervise banking activities. Banking supervision plays an important role in detecting early signs of crime in order to give early warnings to credit institutions to take timely preventive and control measures

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