A Systematic Review about Gender Violence Offenders



Published 07-12-2022
Julia Méndez Hernández


Gender violence is a public health problem, and the data are alarming. As society has become aware over the last decades of the seriousness of this reality, research has been advancing towards a prism that considers the severity and importance of this problem. In order to advance in the prevention of this problem, it is essential to study its perpetrators. Thus, the aim of this systematic review is to analyze what and how research has been done on gender violence perpetrators in the last ten years (2011-2020). The literature search and review following the PICoS strategy identified 102 publications after eliminating all those that did not meet the inclusion criteria (originally 688 publications). The selected publications were classified according to the ecological model, data were analyzed using Tableau, VOSviewer and Bliblioshiny and synthesized to find out what has been researched on gender-based violence perpetrators and how.

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