2016: Alternatives for dismantling corporate power: Recommendations for governments, social movements and citizens at large

Never before have transnational companies been so present in practically all spheres of our lives. Their economic, cultural, political and legal weight are such that we may speak of corporate power as the leading player in the hegemonic model of global society. This model, articulated around capitalism, is currently undergoing a severe crisis that jeopardises the very sustainability of life on the planet. The conflict between capital and life is becoming more acute and we need to promote alternatives to transcend the status quo, dismantling corporate power as a precondition (though insufficient in itself) for a civilising and emancipatory transition.

This paper offers a frame of reference for tackling this task, with an agenda of specific proposals in 20 complementary areas for taking a transition forward. Finally these are translated into recommendations for the various social and institutional agents, within a logic of inclusiveness and co-responsibility in defence of life, democracy, the common good and sustainability.

Publicado: 16-03-2017