Mental health in juvenile offenders



Published 04-03-2022
Estefanía Ocáriz Passevant E Arruabarrena Varela S Etxegia Eizaguirre


The study presented below is part of the permanent evaluation that we have been developing for more than a decade in collaboration with the Directorate of Justice of the Basque Government.
The 5/2000 Criminal Law covers two specific measures for this problem: outpatient treatment (executing in an half-open environment) and therapeutic internment (executing in education centers). The research that we present has analyzed the psychosocial profile of minors who have been imposed one of these two measures during 2019 and 2020 in the Basque Country. Its objective is to know in depth the profile of juvenile offenders with mental health problems.
In addition to observing many absences of diagnoses of boys and girls despite the nature of the measures imposed, we note differences between the general adolescent population offenders and the group studied.

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