Validating Animal Models



Published 20-06-2015
Nina Atanasova


In this paper, I respond to the challenge raised against contemporary experimental neurobiology according to which the field is in a state of crisis because of the multiple experimental protocols employed in different laboratories and strengthening their reliability that presumably preclude the validity of neurobiological knowledge. I provide an alternative account of experimentation in neurobiology which makes sense of its experimental practices. I argue that maintaining a multiplicity of experimental protocols and strengthening their reliability are well justified and they foster rather than preclude the validity of neurobiological knowledge. Thus, their presence indicates thriving rather than crisis of experimental neurobiology.

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Atanasova, N. (2015). Validating Animal Models. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 30(2), 163–181.
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Animal Models, Calibration, Validity, Reliability, Experimental Neurobiology