Essence Without Fundamentality



Published 12-11-2015
Agustin Rayo


In Modality and Explanatory Reasoning, Boris Kment argues that a single notion of essence can be used to play two distinct theoretical roles. He thinks there is an important connec- tion between essence and metaphysical necessity, on the one hand, and between essence and metaphysical explanation, on the other.

In this paper I will argue that it is not clear that a single notion of essence should be used to perform both these jobs. For whereas the project of giving metaphysical explanations requires a notion of essence that distinguishes between truths that are more or less "funda- mental" in a metaphysical sense, the project of shedding light on metaphysical necessity does not. 

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Rayo, A. (2015). Essence Without Fundamentality. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 30(3), 349–363.
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essence, fundamentality