Technical innovation in human science: Examples in cognitive technologies



Published 05-12-2019
Charles Lenay


In order to show how technological innovation and scientific innovation are linked in the course of research in human science, we present an account of a series of innovations made in our laboratory (Distal Glove – Tactos system – Intertact server – Dialtact module). We will thus see how research on the technical constitution of cognitive and perceptual activities can be associated with a process of innovation. Devices which were initially developed for the purposes of performing experiments contributed both to scientific inventions and to developments with a practical and social finality.

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Lenay, C. (2019). Technical innovation in human science: Examples in cognitive technologies. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 34(3), 389–403.
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Innovation, Cognitive Science, Sensory substitution, Perceptual supplementation.