The Rehabilitation of Deductive Reasoning



Published 25-05-2020
Thomas Bartelborth


The paper aims at the rehabilitation of deductive reasoning. As a paradigm of reliable reasoning, it should be applicable in every confirmation context. In particular, it should transmit inductive justification, so that if D justifies a hypothesis H, then D also justifies all deductive conclusions from H. Nevertheless, most current philosophers of science reject such a transmission principle as false. They argue against it by providing apparent counter-examples and also by showing that it is incompatible with common confirmation theories such as HD-confirmation and Bayesianism. I argue in the opposite direction that we should stick to the transmission principle and revise instead our justification theories.

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Bartelborth, T. (2020). The Rehabilitation of Deductive Reasoning. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 35(2), 139–154.
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confirmation, epistemic justification, transmission of justification, theory choice, Bayesianism, tacking paradox, raven paradox