The fanciful optimism of Miguel Sánchez-Mazas. Let us calculate... = Freedom and Justice



Published 16-10-2020
Javier de Lorenzo Andoni Ibarra


May 2020 marks the 25thanniversary of the death of Miguel Sánchez-Mazas, founder of Theoria - An International Journal of Theory, History and Foundations of Science and regarded as the person who brought mathematical logic to Spain. Here we present some of his biographical features, as well as a summary of his contributions, from his early work in the 1950s - introducing contemporary advances in logic and philosophy of science in a philosophically backward milieu dominated by the scholasticism of that era in Spain - to the development of a project of Lebnizian lineage aimed at producing an arithmetic calculation that would elude some of the difficulties confronting Leibniz's calculus.

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de Lorenzo, J., & Ibarra, A. (2020). The fanciful optimism of Miguel Sánchez-Mazas. Let us calculate. = Freedom and Justice. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 35(3), 255–265.
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Miguel Sánchez-Mazas, Leibniz, numerical characteristic, calculation of norms, jurisprudence