The fate of causal structure under time reversal



Published 25-04-2022
Porter Williams


What happens to the causal structure of a world when time is reversed? At first glance it seems there are two possible answers: the causal relations are reversed, or they are not. I argue that neither of these answers is correct: we should either deny that time-reversed worlds have causal relations at all, or deny that causal concepts developed in the actual world are reliable guides to the causal structure of time-reversed worlds. The first option is motivated by the instability of time-reversed dynamical evolutions under interventions. The second option is motivated by a recognition of how contingent structural features of the actual world shape our causal concepts and reasoning strategies.

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Williams, P. (2022). The fate of causal structure under time reversal. THEORIA, 37(1), 87–102.
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causality, causal structure, reversed time, causal concepts, intervention