Model anarchism



Published 27-06-2023
Walter Veit


This paper aims to articulate an anarchist challenge to a widespread assumption in the rapidly growing philosophical literature on models, modeling-practices, and model-based science. I argue that the various entities and practices called “models” and “modeling-practices” are too heterogeneous, too context-sensitive, and serve too many scientific purposes and roles, as to constitute unified scientific phenomena that would allow for useful epistemic and ontologies analyses. Just like Feyerabend once argued that there are no general useful inferences to be drawn about the method of “science”, I argue that the same lesson will apply to “model-based science”, hence calling my view model anarchism.

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Veit, W. (2023). Model anarchism. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 38(2), 225–245.
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models, modeling, model-based science, anarchism, Feyerabend