Some Observations upon "Realistic" Trajectories in Bohmian Quantum Mechanics



Published 18-02-2013
María C. Boscá


Experimental situations in which we observe quantum effects that deviate from the intuitive expectations of the classical world call for an interdisciplinary discussion, and one fundamental issue to be considered is the compatibility between the description of phenomena and the assumption of an objective reality. This paper discusses the ontological interpretation of Bohmian quantum mechanics, focusing on the use of the term "trajectory" and the difficulties associated with its connection to a "real" (objective) trajectory. My conclusion is that the intended realistic interpretation of Bohmian trajectories is highly doubtful.

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Boscá, M. C. (2013). Some Observations upon "Realistic" Trajectories in Bohmian Quantum Mechanics. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 28(1), 45–60.
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quantum mechanics, Bohmian quantum mechanics, realistic trajectory, quantum position.