Causation and the Agent's Point of View



Published 10-01-2014
Sebastián Álvarez


There are philosophers who deny that causal relations actually exist in nature, arguing that they are merely a product of our perspective as beings capable of intentional actions. In this paper I briefly explain this thesis and consider that it needs to be complemented with a basic non-causal ontological perspective which can account for phenomena taken as causal; I then describe what seems to be a good candidate for such an ontology and finally conclude, however, that it cannot dispense with the concept of causation and that therefore is not the kind of ontology that anti-realism about causal relations requires.

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Álvarez, S. (2014). Causation and the Agent’s Point of View. THEORIA, 29(1), 133–147.
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Causation, manipulability, agent's perspective, Huw Price.