Call for papers. Special Issue on "Sport and National Identity". 2020/1

Guest editor: Ramón Llopis-Goig (University of Valencia, Spain)


The obvious importance of sports in today's society is not even questioned by people who have no interest in it. One only has to consider the investments made by the State in sport equipment and facilities, the presence of sports in the leisure habits of the population, the large audiences that follow the main televised sports, or the connotations acquired by the clubs and national teams that participate in sport competitions, in terms of collective identity. Since ancient times, the social sciences have highlighted the potential of sports in creating spaces of identification, and they have pointed out that this potential is based on people's common desire to belong to a social group, beyond their family or community of reference, and become emotionally linked to it.  Sports are not only important in conforming individual identities, but also in other intergroup and social processes. Thus, many people feel proud when a club or national team is victorious in a national or international sports competition. Through identification with a team, individuals express their identification with the city it represents or with some specific social subgroup, which provides a point of attachment and reinforces a sense of belonging to societies that are increasingly complex, fluid, and relatively impersonal.

The journal CEIC papers presents a call for its issue number 1 of 2020 to specialists in social sciences interested in studying the relationships between sports and national identity. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the possible topics that can be addressed in the articles to be included in the monographic issue:

  • Sport and national identity
  • Sport and nationalism
  • Sport socialization and national identity
  • Sport, national identity and sport policies
  • Sport, ethnic diversity and national identity
  • Sport national teams and national identity
  • Sport mega-events and national identity
  • Sport, media and national representation
  • Commodification, sport and national identity
  • Globalization, sport and national identity
  • Sport and supra-national identification
  • Sport and European identity

Studies that present theoretical or methodological innovations related to the topics mentioned will be well-received by the editors, as long as they make a significant contribution to the field of Sociology and Anthropology of Sports.



Until March 1st 2019.



The articles must be sent through the journal's site and follow the guidelines for authors available at the following link:

The article sent must indicate that it is for the special issue on "Sport and national identity".

The articles will be evaluated according to the peer-reviewed assessment modality (

Texts will be accepted in Spanish, English, and Catalán.



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