Teachers' Knowledge of ADHD: Relevance of Training and Individual Perceptions // Conocimiento de los maestros sobre el TDAH: Relevancia de la formación y de las percepciones individuales



Published 24-12-2015
Marian Soroa Arantxa Gorostiaga Nekane Balluerka


The present study analyzes teachers' knowledge of ADHD and its relationship with different training and self-perceptive variables. The sample included 1278 teachers from 108 schools. Teachers' knowledge of ADHD ranged from low to moderate. In addition, it was observed that their knowledge of ADHD was related to variables such as having received formal, non-formal, and informal training in ADHD, as well as to their self-perceived knowledge of ADHD and self-perceived efficacy to teach children with ADHD. The results suggest that teachers' knowledge of ADHD should be increased. Improvement in the quality and quantity of the training they receive from different sources could have an impact both on their real knowledge and on their perceived knowledge and, consequently, on their perception of self-efficacy as teachers of children with ADHD. 

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knowledge of ADHD, ADHD training, teachers, perceived self-efficacy.