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Six-monthly journal for teachers and researchers, published since 1996, founded and directed by Alfredo Goñi Grandmontagne for twelve years. The journal was first published on-line in 2010.

Over recent years it has gradually increased its impact factor in various databases,  both in the Spanish and in the international scopes. 

The Journal publishes scientific works conducted in accordance with the strictest scientific principles which contribute to the advance of scientific knowledge in the field in which psychology and didactics meet and overlap. In particular, it focuses on the meeting of educational psychology and the didactics of different subjects (language, literature, mathematics, social science, experimental science, physical expression, musical expression and plastic expression, etc.). 

It is directed by Professor Igor Esnaola Etxaniz, from the University of the Basque Country.

Databases, catalogues and directories in which the Revista de Psicodidáctica is indexed: SSCI (ISI), Francis, Zeitschriften-datenbank, Cindoc (ISOC), Cirbic, Psicodoc, Psedisoc, Ccuc, Redalyc, Latindex, Rebiun, Compludoc, Google ScholarCbuc, Scopus, IRESIE.

The ISSN for the paper edition is 1136-1034 and the ISSN for the electronic edition is 2254-4372

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All the articles from number 17 (1) (2012) on are published in both ENGLISH and the ORIGINAL LANGUAGE.

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Current Issue

Julio-Diciembre 2021

Published: 13-06-2022


Academic grit modulates school performance evolution over time: A latent transition analysis

Álvaro Postigo, Marcelino Cuesta, Rúben Fernández-Alonso, Eduardo García-Cueto, José Muñiz
Abstract 103 | PDF (Español) Downloads 229 PDF Downloads 82

Sustained flow and personal best in higher education: A mixed-methods approach

Safoura Jahedizadeh, Afsaneh Ghanizadeh
Abstract 55 | PDF (Español) Downloads 92 PDF Downloads 43

Empirically based decisions: The effect of musical and humanistic activities on self-efficacy and student academic performance

Ismael Gallardo, Carolina Iturra, Mirta Bustamante, Iván Pérez, Manuel Clavijo
Abstract 53 | PDF (Español) Downloads 83 PDF Downloads 54

The long-term effects of emotional competencies and self-esteem on adolescents’ internalizing symptoms

Konstanze Schoeps, Alicia Tamarit, Silvia University of Valencia
Abstract 69 | PDF (Español) Downloads 166 PDF Downloads 68

Influence in sex education programs: An empirical study

Silvia Ubillos-Landa, Eider Goiburu-Moren, Alicia Puente-Martínez, Juan Pablo Pizarro-Ruiz
Abstract 83 | PDF (Español) Downloads 124 PDF Downloads 70

Improvement of attention and stress levels in students through a mindfulness intervention program

Antonio Baena-Extremera, María del Mar Ortiz-Camacho, Alba-María Marfil Sánchez, Antonio Granero-Gallegos
Abstract 88 | PDF (Español) Downloads 242 PDF Downloads 59

A nationwide analysis of the effectiveness of a social and emotional learning program in Portugal: Focus on the role of developers’ involvement

Vítor Alexandre Coelho, Ana Maria Romão, Patricia Ribeiro Silva, Sofia Saldanha
Abstract 35 | PDF (Español) Downloads 69 PDF Downloads 36

Parental supervision and victims of cyberbullying: Influence of the use of social networks and online extimacy

José-María Martin-Criado, José-Antonio Casas, Rosario Ortega-Ruiz, Rosario Del rey
Abstract 68 | PDF (Español) Downloads 144 PDF Downloads 46

Online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: Applying the self-determination theory in the ‘new normal’

Sobia Shafaq Shah, Asif Ali Shah, Farzana Memon, Atika Ahmad Kemal, Arjumand Soomro
Abstract 61 | PDF (Español) Downloads 353 PDF Downloads 72