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Six-monthly journal for teachers and researchers, published since 1996, founded and directed by Alfredo Goñi Grandmontagne for twelve years. The journal was first published on-line in 2010.

Over recent years it has gradually increased its impact factor in various databases,  both in the Spanish and in the international scopes. 

The Journal publishes scientific works conducted in accordance with the strictest scientific principles which contribute to the advance of scientific knowledge in the field in which psychology and didactics meet and overlap. In particular, it focuses on the meeting of educational psychology and the didactics of different subjects (language, literature, mathematics, social science, experimental science, physical expression, musical expression and plastic expression, etc.). 

It is directed by Professor Igor Esnaola Etxaniz, from the University of the Basque Country.

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The ISSN for the paper edition is 1136-1034 and the ISSN for the electronic edition is 2254-4372

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Current Issue

January-June 2023

Published: 19-01-2024


Teacher profiles based on burnout symptoms: Differences between educational stages and relationship with adaptive psychological functioning

Carlos Freire, María del Mar Ferradás, Alba García-Bértoa, José Carlos Núñez, Antonio Valle
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 80 PDF (Español) Downloads 193

Teachers’ wellbeing, affects, and burnout during the pandemic in Chile

Jorge J. Varela, Paulina Guzmán, Xavier Oriol, Francisca Romo, Rafael Miranda
Abstract 38 | PDF Downloads 41 PDF (Español) Downloads 59

Communicative teaching style as predictor of students’ passion and dedication

Zuleica Ruiz-Alfonso, Lidia E. Santana-Vega, Robert J. Vallerand
Abstract 58 | PDF Downloads 40 PDF (Español) Downloads 85

Association between bullying victimization, anxiety and depression in childhood and adolescence: The mediating effect of self-esteem

Nekane Balluerka, Jone Aliri, Olatz Goñi-Balentziaga, Arantxa Gorostiaga
Abstract 89 | PDF Downloads 158 PDF (Español) Downloads 69

Understanding school refusal behavior in adolescence: Risk profiles and attributional style for academic results

Aitana Fernández-Sogorb, Carolina Gonzálvez, Margarita Pino-Juste
Abstract 29 | PDF Downloads 24 PDF (Español) Downloads 33

Longitudinal study on the symbolic and non-symbolic magnitudes processing and their relationship with mathematical achievement

Estívaliz Aragón, M. Carmen Canto-López, Manuel Aguilar, Inmaculada Menacho, José I. Navarro
Abstract 24 | PDF Downloads 27 PDF (Español) Downloads 31

Controversial issues and apps for developing social and civic competence. Analysis of the effectiveness of Project 1936 in the initial teacher training

Iratxe Gillate, Janire Castrillo, Ursula Luna, Alex Ibañez-Etxeberria
Abstract 26 | PDF Downloads 24 PDF (Español) Downloads 28

Second language acquisition in a linguistic immersion context. A structural model about the role of intelligence and linguistic attitudes

Fernando Senar, Elisabet Serrat, Ángel Huguet, Judit Janés
Abstract 45 | PDF Downloads 35 PDF (Español) Downloads 67

Acculturation and school engagement: The case of Portuguese students with Roma background

Tânia Moreira, Juliana Martins, José Carlos Núñez, André Oliveira, Joana Martins, Pedro Rosário
Abstract 29 | PDF Downloads 22 PDF (Español) Downloads 39

Effectiveness of family bonding therapy supported by child clinical psychomotricity to increase self-regulation in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A pilot study

Josefina Larraín-Valenzuela, Mauricio Aspé-Sánchez, Patricia Nieto, Rodrigo C. Vergara, Andrea María Palma Contreras
Abstract 29 | PDF Downloads 29 PDF (Español) Downloads 52