Team Potency and Cooperative Learning in the University Setting // Potencia de equipo y aprendizaje cooperativo en el ámbito universitario



Published 29-06-2017
Benito León del Barco Santiago Mendo Lázaro Elena Felipe Castaño María Isabel Polo del Río Fernando Fajardo Bullón


There were two goals to this investigation, on the one hand, to construct the "Learning Team Potency Questionnaire" in the university setting and to analyze its psychometric characteristics. The second goal was to show how teamwork with cooperative learning techniques influences team potency. In this work, participants were 375 students aged between 18 and 44 years, randomly selected from a total of 1680 students of the Faculty of Teacher Training of Cáceres (Spain). The Learning Team Potency Questionnaire has very acceptable psychometric characteristics, good internal consistency and temporal reliability. Analysis using structural equations showed that the latent variables in the two factors found are well defined and, therefore, their assessment was adequate, reaffirming the good psychometric characteristics of the questionnaire. Regarding the second goal, we verified that teamwork with cooperative learning techniques influences team potency, that is, confidence in the team increases when students work as a team, using cooperative learning techniques. 


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