The Values Associated with the Sport: Analysis and Evaluation of Sportspersonship // Los valores asociados al deporte: análisis y evaluación de la Deportividad



Published 29-06-2017
Luis María Iturbide Luquin Paula Elosua Olidén


There is a general opinion that social and moral values play an essential role in learning sports among children and teenagers. This article identifies some of the values associated with sports. Based on a content analysis of the Code of Sports Ethics of the Council of Europe, the values associated with sportspersonship have been categorized: Commitment, Enjoyment, Respect, Fair Play and Participation. Using this categorization, the article describes the development of an instrument designed to assess sportspersonship in young athletes: the Multidimensional Sportspersonship Questionnaire (MSQ), consisting of 21 typical performance items which show an adequate internal structure. Lastly, in light of developing future training programs to reinforce positive values, an analysis was performed on the relationships between the different categories of values, gender and type of sport.

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