Cognitive Profile in Learning Mathematics with Open Calculation Based on Numbers (ABN) Algorithm //Perfil cognitivo asociado al aprendizaje matemático con el método algoritmo abierto basado en números (ABN)



Published 29-06-2017
Estivaliz Aragón
M. Carmen Canto
Esperanza Marchena
José I. Navarro (Universidad de Cádiz)
Manuel Aguilar


The open calculation based on numbers (ABN) is an innovative mathematics teaching-learning methodology used with a huge number of school children. The aim of this work was to study the cognitive profiles associated to ABN method, compared to those following a closed procedure traditional methods based on ciphers (CBC). A total of 128 first-year students of Primary Education were evaluated on cognitive and mathematical performance. An experimental group (n = 74) and a control group (n = 54) were formed. The experimental group learned mathematic using the ABN methodology; the control group used a CBC methodology. The cognitive profile of the experimental group emphasized the significance of visuospatial working memory in mathematical performance. Students trained with ABN method seem to operate better with working memory, applying mentally visuospatial representations.

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