School Violence and Attitude Toward Authority of Student Perpetrators of Cyberbullying //Violencia escolar y actitud hacia la autoridad de estudiantes agresores de cyberbullying



Published 29-06-2017
Jessica Ortega-Barón Sofía Buelga María Jesús Cava Eva Torralba


The main aim of the study is to analyze the differences among students involved in cyberbullying situations (not involved, occasional, severe) in their attitudes toward institutional authority and their participation in direct and indirect violent school behavior, considering the interaction with gender. The sample is composed of 1062 secondary education students of both sexes between 12 and 18 years old. The results of the multivariate analysis show no interactions, but they do show main effects of the group and gender variables. Severe cyberbullies have greater rejection of institutional authority, transgression of norms, and direct and relational violent school behaviors toward peers. Boys have more favorable attitudes toward social norm transgression, and they participate more than girls in direct violent school behaviors involving direct confrontation with the victim. Regression analyses reveal that the study variables predict cyberbullying. These results and their implications are discussed.


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