Career Adaptability Mediates the Effect of Trait Emotional Intelligence on Academic Engagement // La adaptabilidad a la carrera media el efecto de la inteligencia emocional rasgo sobre el compromiso académico



Published 20-07-2018
Enrique Merino-Tejedor Pedro M. Hontangas K.V. Petrides


The present study tested the mediating role of career adaptability on the existing relation between trait emotional intelligence (EI) and academic engagement. The sample consisted of 590 Spanish university students with a mean age of 21.66 years. The results confirmed the positive relations of trait EI with career adaptability, as well as with academic engagement. A key finding concerns the confirmation of the mediating role of career adaptability on the relation between trait EI and academic engagement, supporting a model of total mediation. In confirming the existence of total mediation, this study makes a new and valuable contribution that allows for better and more precise clarification of the links between trait EI, career adaptability, and academic engagement. The discussion focuses on issues concerning the relation between these variables and the possibility of developing interventions to improve career adaptability and academic engagement in undergraduate populations.
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