Gestural Learning in Orchestra Conducting Through Self-observation //El aprendizaje de la gestualidad en Dirección de Orquesta mediante la auto-observación



Published 20-07-2018
Margarita Lorenzo de Reizabal Manuel Benito


The Orchestra Conducting training has traditionally been based on the imitation of the gesture of experienced conductors. It has only recently begun to work on other methodological alternatives for the teaching of gesture in the orchestral conducting. In this research, gestural learning in this field has been approached through self-observation through video with 28 students from first course in Conducting at Higher Music Education Conservatoire of the Basque Country — Musikene. The results have shown that with this methodology the participants' gestural activity has improved, especially in those competencies more difficult to acquire, such as facial expression, visual contact and the use of the left arm. Significant differences have also been revealed in the improvements produced over time and in the assessments of the different types of judges involved. Gender differences have not been significant, but it is worth mentioning that women in this study have scored lower (themselves and others) than men.
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