Mediating Role of Self-efficacy and Usefulness Between Self-regulated Learning Strategy Knowledge and its Use // El papel mediador de la autoeficacia y la utilidad entre el conocimiento y el uso de estrategias de autorregulación del aprendizaje



Published 07-01-2020
Rebeca Cerezo Estrella Fernández Natalia Amieiro Antonio Valle Pedro Rosário José Carlos Núñez


Interventions designed to improve academic self-regulation must consider the importance of motivational variables and the relationship between them to improve the self-regulatory strategies use. The main aim of this study is to analyze how training in self-regulated learning strategies is related to improvements in knowledge of those strategies, self-efficacy in using those strategies, their perceived usefulness, and their effective use in academic learning tasks. In addition to direct effects, we explore how those multiple determinants interact directly and indirectly with each other. We used a quasi-experimental pretest–posttest design with a control group (n=206) and an experimental group (n=167), of university students. Control group students followed their usual instructional processes. Students from the experimental group received training in self-regulated learning in addition to their usual instruction. The intervention produced a statistically significant improvement in knowledge of self-regulated learning strategies, which was associated with a significant improvement in self-efficacy in using those strategies. However, increases in knowledge and perceived competence in use were not associated with an improvement in perceived usefulness of the strategies. There were no previous studies that have examined the mediating role played by both student self-efficacy and perceived value for strategy use. Significant implications for teaching and intervention planning were extracted. Competent behavior largely depends on acquiring knowledge and skills, but knowing, training, and be motivated is not enough in self-regulating learning.
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