Reading Intervention: Correlation Between Emotional Intelligence and Reading Competence in High School Students // Intervención lectora: correlación entre la inteligencia emocional y la competencia lectora en el alumnado de bachillerato



Published 08-01-2020
Elena del Pilar Jiménez Rafael Alarcón María Isabel de Vicente-Yague


In the present work, a reading intervention program was carried out in high school students during two academic years, in order to evaluate its effectiveness on reading comprehension and emotional intelligence. 521 high school students participated, of which 244 are male students and 277 are female students. In the intervened group (n=258) the reading is explained by meaning of tokens, 30 random juvenile readings are chosen and read at home by the students, without working on reading competence or emotional intelligence in a specific way, nor the construct of the motivation. In the control group (n=263), the guidelines specified in the current curriculum published by the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía are followed. The results show an increase in reading comprehension and emotional intelligence in the experimental group after the intervention. The results point to a direct relationship between reading habits, reading competence and emotional intelligence, in the same way, the results in the intervention group are significantly better than in control in both reading and emotional intelligence.
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