Toward a generalization of the logic of grounding



Published 16-02-2021
Francesca Poggiolesi Nissim Francez


The main goal of this paper is to provide a ground-analysis of two classical connectives that have so far been ignored in the literature, namely the exclusive disjunction, and the ternary disjunction. Such ground-analysis not only serves to extend the applicability of the logic of grounding but also leads to a generalization of Poggiolesi (2016)’s definition of the notion of complete and immediate grounding.

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Poggiolesi, F., & Francez, N. (2021). Toward a generalization of the logic of grounding. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 36(1), 5–24.
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Grounding, logic, exclusive and ternary disjunction.