Giving Reasons, A Contribution to Argumentation Theory



Published 01-09-2011
Lilian Bermejo-Luque


In Giving Reasons: A Linguistic-pragmatic-approach to Argumentation Theory (Springer, 2011), I provide a new model for the semantic and pragmatic appraisal of argumentation. This model is based on a characterization of argumentation as a second order speech-act complex. I explain the advantages of this model respecting other proposals within Argumentation Theory, such as Pragma-dialectics, Informal Logic, the New Rhetoric or the Epistemic Approach.

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Bermejo-Luque, L. (2011). Giving Reasons, A Contribution to Argumentation Theory. THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science, 26(3), 273–277.
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argumentation theory, argumentation studies, linguistic-pragmatic approach, argumentation studies in Spain and Latin-America