EAEko familia etorkinen aukerak lehen hezkuntzan: eskola eta hizkuntza eredua



Argitaratua 2011-04-13
Nahia Intxausti Intxausti Feli Etxeberria Sagastume Luis Joaristi Olariaga


The present article is part of a broader research work. This paper presents the analysis of the arguments used by immigrant families in relation to the options of educational and linguistic models for their children enrolled in Elementary Education in Schools of the Basque Autonomous Community. After reviewing the policies of the Department of Education of the Basque Government regarding the incorporation of newly arrived students to the Basque Educational System, the characteristics of families on a sample of 302 families have been studied. Demographic, sociocultural and professional data that provide insight into the process of emigration are obtained. Besides, the reasons that underlie the choice of families for educational and linguistic models are analyzed, and according to the obtained results, reflections that can bring greater awareness of the educational situation that face these families are debated with the goal of meeting better their demands by establishing an improved communication between home and school.


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