Effects of a teacher training program on the motivation and satisfaction of History secondary students // Efectos de un programa de formación del profesorado en la motivación y satisfacción de los estudiantes de historia en enseñanza secundaria



Published 13-01-2022
Cosme J. Gómez Carrasco Jairo Rodríguez-Medina Pedro Miralles Martínez Víctor Benito Arias González


The history classes in Secondary Education form a teaching and learning space with practices that are nourished by two traditional epistemological and methodological models. Faced with these models, a training program was carried out in the specialty of Geography and History of the Master's Degree in Teacher Training. This program was aimed at changing its methodological and epistemological conceptions and the design of innovative training units. Its effects have been evaluated through the implementation of these training units in the curricular practical phase. This evaluation has been carried out with a pretest and postest consisting of two scales (motivation and satisfaction). The analysis strategy was developed in two phases. In the first, the longitudinal factor invariance was verified, progressively analyzing this invariance between the pretest and postest scales. In the second phase, a second-order growth model or factor curve was applied to assess the change in latent variables between the pretest and postest. After the application of the program, a substantial increase in student motivation and satisfaction was observed. This increase was more visible in motivation, due to the low levels from which the students start.

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