Play and learn: Influence of gamification and game-based learning in the reading processes of secondary school students



Published 19-01-2023
Ana Manzana-León José Miguel Rodríguez-Ferrer José Manuel Aguilar-Parra Juan Miguel Fernández-Campoy Rubén Trigueros Ana María Martínez-Martínez


The present study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of an educational gamification program in the reading processes of secondary school students. A quasi-experimental design of comparison between groups with pretest and posttest measurements was carried out with a sample of 271 students (M = 14.42, SD = 0.72). The evaluation battery of the PROLEC-SE reading processes is used. The intervention program consists of 7 or 15 sessions of one hour, and the results of two experimental groups and a control group are compared. The results indicate that, compared to the control group, the experimental groups significantly improve their score in reading processes. The implications of the results obtained, the limitations of the study and some recommendations for future research are discussed and analyzed.

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