Goyhetche, XIX. mendeko lapurtar atipiko batez



Argitaratua api 2, 1991
Josu Pikabea


This study refers to the place, certainly atypical for us, that G's work occupies among the labourdin writters ofthe XIXth century. Within the two main tendencies in that century -on the one hand the tradition coming from the classic Lahourdin, and the more and more influential Low-Navarresse on the other-, G. write belonging to the area where traditional Labourdin is stiouger, shows, at the same time, several features of the Low-Navarresse dialect and already extinct characteristics of the Labourdin itself; he thus breaks with the more or less homogeneus line observed in the language of other writters belonging to the same geographic area. Thus, in what respects to his graphical uses, the author from Urruña recovers some palatalised forms, which had almost disappeared among writters of the last part of previous century. On the other hand, he can be considered closer to some authors that are dialectally farther -those that belong to the Low-Navarresse domain- in some aspects concerning the use of transitive auxiliares, certain features of nominal and verbal morphology and the syntax.

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