The "Thesaurus Occitan": une base de données multimedia consacrée aux dialectes occitans



Argitaratua 2010-02-22
Guylaine Brun-Trigaud


The Thesaurus Occitan (abbreviated THESOC) is a multimedia database, which contains, among other things: linguistic and linguistic-related data from field works: maps and survey notebooks from the Atlas linguistiques, monographies, audio records, pictures; linguistic data coming from former analyses: lemmatisation, morphology, etymology, micro-toponymy; bibliographical references; tools for linguistic analyses: maps generator, instruments for diachronic analyses, comparative cartography procedures, morphological analysis instruments; a Morpho-Syntax Module (MMS), detailed by Pierre-Aurélien Georges.
   Centralised in Nice (France) within the laboratory UMR 6039 «Bases, Corpus, Langage» (attached to the CNRS), this inter-university program associates different teams, upon the direction of Pr. Jean-Philippe Dalbera.
   One can say the THESOC is a variable geometry database which considers all kinds of exploitations thanks to specific menus, which integrates all kinds of documents. The advantage of such a database lies also in the fact that it can evolve and be updated permanently to satisfy users' needs.

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Brun-Trigaud, Guylaine. 2010. «The "Thesaurus Occitan": Une Base De données Multimedia consacrée Aux Dialectes Occitans». Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo", otsailak, 89-106.
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