Martin Goyhetche-ren alegien peritestuan: "nota" eta "hitztegui"



Argitaratua 2009-04-16
Aurelia Arcocha-Scarcia


The object of this study, which comes as a completion of past analysis, consists of studying the "notes" (notak) and entries in the "small dictionary" (Hitztegui chumea) appearing in the peritextuality of the large corpus of work written by the fabulist Martin Goyhetche's (Urrugne 1791-1859) apologues. Goyhetche  translated/adapted French fabulists of the xvii and the XVIII centuries, La Fontaine and Florian respectively, into Lapurdi-variety Basque. Only part of this text-corpus of work is known (the textual edition of La Fontaine's Fables in Basque: Bayonne 1852), the rest (110 of Florian's Fables and 27 by La Fontaine) is still unpublished and totally unknown to researchers to this day.

Nola aipatu

Arcocha-Scarcia, Aurelia. 2009. «Quot»;. Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo" 43 (1-2):67-96.
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