Luzaideko Echeverriren dotrinari oharrak



Argitaratua 1986-04-02
Jose Mari Satrustegi


On the occasion of the publication by I. Segurola of "Etxeberri Luzaideko bikarioaren dotrina argitaragabea" (ASJU XIX-I, 1985, 130-197), the author provides previously unknown biographical-data on Echeverri and establishes that this translation of the Astete did not remain unpublished as was supposed, but that it was actually printed. The evidence is based on an exhaustive comparison of the ortography, grammar, vocabulary, and passages added or omitted, in relation to an unfortunately incomplete copy which lacks the author's name as well as any details about printing or date of publication.
    The author considers the peculiar situation of Luzaide (Spanish Valcarlos), linguistically belonging to North-Eastern Basque dialects, but politically in Spanish territory, and advances the hypothesis that the book might have been printed in the Basque Country's French territory with the aim of distributing it there, profiting by the linguistic similarity. Among the great number of corrections made to the manuscript published by Segurola, however, there are to be found some with a southern touch; and according to the author, these were probably due to the need to secure a licence for publication in Iruña (Spanish Pamplona), not in Bayonne. Photographs of the printed copy are included.

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Satrustegi, Jose Mari. 1986. «Luzaideko Echeverriren Dotrinari Oharrak». Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo" 20 (1):3-30.
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