De toponimia navarra. Sobre el "Nomenclátor euskériko de Navarra". Aspectos filológicos y sociológicos



Argitaratua 1993-04-02
Matías Múgica José Luis Mendoza


The authors of the article analyse in full detail the philological and sociological bases of the Nomenclátor Euskérico de Navarra (a study and proposal for the standardization of the Basque forms of the navarrese place names by the Comisión de Onomástica of the Basque Language Academy).
   The review concentrates on five questions: 1.- What should be considered a Basque Name? 2.- Does the ancient name of a place automatically become its Basque name? 3.- Should etymology be taken into account to standardise a place name's form? 4. - Should the written usage not be the main criteria? 5.- What should be considered a "castilianised form"? On these two aspects, different phonetic and morphological problems related to place names are discussed.
   As an answer to these questions, the authors propose a series of criteria which, in their oppinion, would be more consistent and appropriate than those behind the Academy's proposals.
   The main area of disagreement is the respect of the current Basque written usage, which the authors support, against the Academy's tendency to propose historical forms.

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Múgica, Matías, eta José Luis Mendoza. 1993. «De Toponimia Navarra. Sobre El "Nomenclátor euskériko De Navarra&Quot;. Aspectos filológicos Y sociológicos». Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo" 27 (2):551-74.
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