Bernardo Atxagaren testuetara hurbilpen bat Harrera-Teoriaren eskutik



Argitaratua 1995-04-02
Aitzpea Azkorbebeitia


It could be said that, nowadays, one of the main characteristics of Bernardo Atxaga's work is probably its wide reception, as it is shown by the fact that it is considered to be a 'sociological phenomenon'. Although some of the agents causing that reception are to some extent extratextual and dependent on sociological factors, in this article we will consider the intrinsic aspects of the texts, trying to examine what the texts themselves have to offer us, the readers. Using the research methods proposed by the Reception Theory, we will analyse the role textual strategies play in the phenomenological and intratextual side of such reception. For this we will pay special attention to indeterminacy and the so-called information gaps or blanks (Leerstellen), among those strategies. In fact, such aspects are really relevant as they throw some light on either the reading or the writing process and on certain ideas of the author on which this process is founded, as we will see.

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Azkorbebeitia, Aitzpea. 1995. «Bernardo Atxagaren Testuetara Hurbilpen Bat Harrera-Teoriaren Eskutik». Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo" 29 (2-3):455-98.
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