La F- inicial latina en los orígenes de la lengua española (II)



Argitaratua 1997-04-02
Mercedes Quilis


Having assessed the various explanations, the first documents from previous studies and questions of orality and writing in the language's initial stages, the second part of the study (II) of Latin's initial /f/ sound weakening to (h) in that period provides a selection of a documentary corpus from the VIII to the XII century, which has a geographical span also related to the Basque language in Castille and La Rioja. We present the results from an analysis over 200 words with all their variants in which there are orthographic differences which involve the graphemes and in all their positions in a word. We examine the possible direct or indirect indicators of phonetic change. The data is included in the last section of the study along with some considerations about its oral and written character, to finish with the conclusions which highlight the relationship of some of the issues we have raised with the Basque language.

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Quilis, Mercedes. 1997. «La F- Inicial Latina En Los orígenes De La Lengua española (II)». Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo" 31 (1):67-148.
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