Corpusen etiketatze linguistikoa



Argitaratua api 16, 2009
Izaskun Aldezabal Roteta María Jesús Aranzabe Arantza Díaz de Ilarraza Ainara Estarrona Nerea Ezeiza Larraitz Uria


In this article, we shall comment on the steps that have to be taken to give a linguistic label to a corpus and the difficulties that appear in this process. Our main objective was to highlight the importance of the labelling when preparing a corpus that is useful for linguistic research, and the need to establish criteria and to take the decisions that this entails. We also explain how semi-automatic methods are applied and how the manual revision that guarantees the quality of the corpus is carried out. Once the corpus has been revised and labelled, it will be useful both for carrying out linguistic analyses and for improving or assessing the linguistic tools and resources, and also for channelling automatic study.

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Aldezabal Roteta, Izaskun, María Jesús Aranzabe, Arantza Díaz de Ilarraza, Ainara Estarrona, Nerea Ezeiza, eta Larraitz Uria. 2009. «Corpusen Etiketatze Linguistikoa». Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo" 43 (1-2):37-50.
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