Metamorfosis parnasianas de "Atharratze Jauregian": Albert Glatigny, 1868



Argitaratua 2009-04-16
Jesús Antonio Cid


The ballad «The lady of the palace of Tardets» was employed and rewritten by the poet and theatrical author Albert Glatigny, in a historical drama that was published in Bayonne in 1866. We examine the circumstances in which the work, never produced, was composed, within the context of the peculiar nature of the author's trajectory. The plot is based in the story of the major Pés de Puyanne and the confrontation of the city of Bayonne with the nobility of Labourd during the XIVth century, a story that Glatigny knew from H. Taine's Voyage aux Pyrénés (1858). The text of the ballad is based in the French translation by Francisque Michel in Le Pays Basque (1857), freely adapted by Glatigny in the classical stanza of alexandrine quatrains, very much in use among the parnasian poets of the time, and employed here in masterly fashion.

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Cid, Jesús Antonio. 2009. «Metamorfosis Parnasianas De "Atharratze Jauregian&Quot;: Albert Glatigny, 1868». Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo" 43 (1-2):181-92.
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