Perpaus osagarri izenlagunak: tradizioa (II)



Argitaratua 2000-04-02
Xabier Alberdi Julio García Iñaki Ugarteburu


In this article, which is the continuation of a first part ("Perpaus osagarri izenlagunak: tradizioa (I)") published in this same magazine, the author continues with the study on the literary tradition of adnominal completive sentences in the Basque language. In this study, the author analyses the following aspects: 1) distinction between attached and argumentational substantive subordinate sentences; 2) the predominance in the literary tradition of the predicative structures over nominal structures; 3) description of the most used predicative and nominal structures in the written tradition; 4) tradition of the different subordination marks (the innovative character of marks like -(e)LAREN, -(e)NAREN, -(e)NEKO... ; the dialectal distribution of the marks -(e)N/-(e)LAKO and the non-marked character of the mark -(e)LAKO); 5) tradition of the completive adnominal indirect interrogative phrases, as well as of the so-called "subjunctive" phrases.

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Alberdi, Xabier, Julio García, eta Iñaki Ugarteburu. 2000. «Perpaus Osagarri Izenlagunak: Tradizioa (II)». Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo" 34 (2):231-89.
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