Diskurtso-markatzaile berri bat: "hurrenez hurren" birformulatzailea

Xabier Alberdi


This article examines aspects of the use of a new discourse marker in present-day
Basque, namely hurrenez hurren. First of all a distinction will be drawn between its two
present senses: the adverbial notion of 'one after the other' (hurrenez hurren-1) and the
use as a grammaticalized discourse marker meaning 'respectively' (hurrenez hurren-2).
This is followed by an attempt to characterize it as a certain kind of reformulating discourse
marker (a particularizing reformulator). The recent origin (second half of the twentieth century) of this trend towards a new value as a discourse marker and the "naturalness" of the shift are also discussed. The article's concluding sections analyze some features of the expression such as sentence position, punctuation, syntax, frequency in modern written texts, and discourse value.

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