Joannes Etxeberriren "euskal gazteriari diskurtsoa"ren analisia: kultura klasikoaren transmisioa Euskal Herrian



Argitaratua 2000-04-02
Iñaki Villoslada Elena Torregarai


Joannes Etxeberri de Sara wrote his works mainly during the first years of the 18 th century. Taking all of this into account, after studying his educational thinking and ideology, we clearly appreciate that Sara's thinking is still that of a man from the 17th century. This is very important for a better comprehension of the sense of his famous apology Escuararen hatsapenac. In it, his main arguments are based on the model handed down by classical tradition, and this is very clearly appreciated in a lecture that is to be found in this apology, titled Escual-Herrico gazteriari. It is in this lecture that we base our research proposal, since it seemed to us it was fundamental for a better compression of the constitution of Basque culture. Although in numerous occasions the presence of classicism has been denied in the Basque Country, texts like the one mentioned pretend just the contrary and help us to understand way of thinking better.

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Villoslada, Iñaki, eta Elena Torregarai. 2000. «Joannes Etxeberriren "euskal Gazteriari diskurtsoa"ren Analisia: Kultura Klasikoaren Transmisioa Euskal Herrian». Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo" 34 (2):423-42.
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