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Six-monthly journal for teachers and researchers, published since 1996, founded and directed by Alfredo Goñi Grandmontagne for twelve years. The journal was first published on-line in 2010.

Over recent years it has gradually increased its impact factor in various databases,  both in the Spanish and in the international scopes. 

The Journal publishes scientific works conducted in accordance with the strictest scientific principles which contribute to the advance of scientific knowledge in the field in which psychology and didactics meet and overlap. In particular, it focuses on the meeting of educational psychology and the didactics of different subjects (language, literature, mathematics, social science, experimental science, physical expression, musical expression and plastic expression, etc.). 

It is directed by Professor Igor Esnaola Etxaniz, from the University of the Basque Country.

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The ISSN for the paper edition is 1136-1034 and the ISSN for the electronic edition is 2254-4372

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Current Issue

January-June 2022

Published: 19-01-2023


The academically engaged life of mastery-oriented students: Causal ordering among positive emotions, mastery-approach goals, and academic engagement

Jesus Alfonso D. Datu, Jana Patricia M. Valdez, Weipeng Yang
Abstract 70 | PDF (Español) Downloads 124 PDF Downloads 62

Effect of an intervention in self-regulation strategies on academic achievement in elementary school: A study of the mediating effect of the self-regulatory activity

Jose Carlos Nuñez, Elián Tuero, Estrella Fernández, Francisco Javier Añón, Emmanuel Manalo, Pedro Rosário
Abstract 43 | PDF (Español) Downloads 82 PDF Downloads 25

Improving the prediction and understanding of academic success: The rol of personality facets and academic engagement

Cristina Serrano, Sergio Murgui, Yolanda Andreu
Abstract 51 | PDF (Español) Downloads 59 PDF Downloads 20

School and student determinants of reading performance: A multilevel analysis with Portuguese students

João Lopes, Célia Oliveira, Patricia Costa
Abstract 42 | PDF (Español) Downloads 43 PDF Downloads 16

Play and learn: Influence of gamification and game-based learning in the reading processes of secondary school students

Ana Manzana-León, José Miguel Rodríguez-Ferrer, José Manuel Aguilar-Parra, Juan Miguel Fernández-Campoy, Rubén Trigueros, Ana María Martínez-Martínez
Abstract 36 | PDF (Español) Downloads 70 PDF Downloads 20

Autogenic meditation training in a randomized controlled trial: A framework for promoting mental health and attention regulation in children

Juan Manuel Guiote, Vanessa Lozano, Miguel Ángel Vallejo, Blanca Mas
Abstract 26 | PDF (Español) Downloads 38 PDF Downloads 13

Effects of a school-based intervention on physical activity, sleep duration, screen time, and diet in children

Miguel Ángel Tapia-Serrano, Javier Sevil-Serrano, David Sánchez-Oliva, Mikel Vaquero-Solís, Pedro Antonio Sánchez-Miguel
Abstract 29 | PDF (Español) Downloads 31 PDF Downloads 12

Effect of a sport education-based teaching unit in physical education on high school students’ social networks and quantitative sociometry scores: A cluster randomized control trial

Carolina Casado-Robles, Daniel Mayorga-Vega, Santiago Guijarro-Romero, Jesús Viciana
Abstract 19 | PDF (Español) Downloads 34 PDF Downloads 13

Interplay of psychological reactance, burnout, and spiritual intelligence: A case of Iranian EFL teachers Author links open overlay panel

Reza Pishghadam, Nouroddin Yousofi, Asieh Amini, Maryam Sadat Tabatabayeeyan
Abstract 17 | PDF (Español) Downloads 22 PDF Downloads 16

Do teachers’ engaging messages predict motivation to learn and performance?

Elisa Santana-Monagas, David W. Putwain, Juan L. Núñez, Juan F. Loro, Jaime León
Abstract 39 | PDF (Español) Downloads 58 PDF Downloads 18