Resurrección María de Azkueren dotrina argitaragabea



Argitaratua 1987-04-02
Inés Pagola


We publish here a manuscript by R. M. de Azkue (1896), preserved unpublished in the Urquijo Collection of the Library of the Diputación de Guipuzcoa. It is a translation of Astete's Doctrina Cristiana into the dialect of Biscay and has a markedly purist character both lexically (this being a fundamental preoccupation of his contemporary S. Arana Goiri; cf. the essay by I. Laka included in this volume) and also morphologically, particularly as regards the morphology of the verb. Along with Batxi Gazur and Bein da betiko (published by Pagola 1986), this is one of the first examples of the trend commonly known as hiperbiscayan, following Prof. Michelena (cf. the recent essays on the subject by I. Laka).

Nola aipatu

Pagola, Inés. 1987. «Resurrección María De Azkueren Dotrina Argitaragabea». Anuario Del Seminario De Filología Vasca "Julio De Urquijo" 21 (1):163-209.
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